The Services

1. Personal Therapy and Coaching (via Skype/Zoom): I’ve maintained an active international practice with clients from around the globe including places such as Canada, the US, the UK, India and the Netherlands! I also work with Australian clients, especially those who don’t live locally or who might struggle to access specialized support.

*Please note I’ve been gradually tapering back 1:1 work in favor of other practice modalities.


2. Soul Tribe: Carefully constructed online courses based upon the work I’ve undertaken successfully with countless clients since 2010. These courses can be undertaken a la carte, or as part of a membership bundle. More on that later!

Privacy and Confidentiality

I conduct my practice in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful manner. I observe strict confidentiality in-line with the professional ethical standards set for Social Workers in Australia by the (AASW); and also adhere to the professional guidelines expected of accredited Clinical Therapists.  My practice is always trauma informed.

What next?

At different times, I silently held on to one or another of the thoughts from Fiona to keep me going and make the days manageable” – Audrey

As an Integrated, holistic clinical therapist, my commitment is to work with you in a manner that best suits your needs and goals. I believe the therapy process should be flexible, transparent and collaborative – a mutual undertaking to find the right pace and approach to working together. I also believe there’s so much more to therapy than “just talking”!



You can change. The things that are holding you back, causing pain, ruining your relationships and hijacking your life, don’t have to last forever. You’ve already taken the hardest, most important and most daunting step: deciding it’s time to take a step toward change!



Why Online Therapy?

1. Expertise. There are few professional therapists or coaches specializing in family estrangement issues. No matter where you live, you can access my expertise.

2. Anonymity.  Some people feel safer and are able to be more open. I use Skype/Zoom which allow for voice or video chat. You choose! Convenience.   Greater flexibility and options in appointments.

3. Time efficiency.   You don’t need to take time off work or travel anywhere.There’s no aggravating traffic or need to find parking.

4. Accessibility.   Offers increased access to services from rural and remote locations or to people who are unable to leave their homes or travel to an office.

5. Cost-effective. Costs can be less than face-to-face coaching and counseling, as travel costs, child-care costs etc can be eliminated. Skype/Zoom calls are free, so it doesn’t matter how many miles are between us!

No change ever happens without a decision to make it so! Why not book your appointment today?

…with Fiona’s prompts and insights I feel better and stronger today.” – Jacquiline