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Imagine a world where...

  • your worth is not contingent upon your family history or approval.

  • you can speak openly about difficult family relationships and people will understand.

  • problems or disconnections in your family does not mean a life sentence of emotional turmoil, rumination and suffering.

  • you are supported to build a life that is healthy, fulfilling, happy and populated by people who love and respect you.

You don't have to sit tangled in knots, reacting or submitting to whatever people toss at you. There are things you can do. You can decide. You can change. You can face your problems head on and you can solve them. You really can.

Welcome to e-stranged

"Fiona you’re brilliant, thank you for speaking on this subject with eloquence and honesty. Your articles are non-judgmental and extremely helpful reminders that even tough journeys are worth the peace and outcome." - e-stranged reader

Family turmoil and estrangement happens across every social demographic. Rich people, poor people, every culture, any age. Estrangement happens to professionals, to tradespeople, artists, stay at home moms.  It happens whether we have had overt abuse in our family, or not. It happens in families where divorce is a factor, and also in families where it is not. It happens when there are mental health problems, addictions and domestic violence happening and it happens when none of those factors are present. Estrangement is complex.

Estrangement isn't something that happens to "other people's families" it's something that can happen to "anyone's family"- even yours.

I can help

“Fiona, your work has so much value and your research is very much appreciated. You light the way to many people. Thanks for all the deep thinking about these family issues. We are grateful. I am grateful.” – SSLL


A Little About Me …

Hi there! My name’s Fiona McColl and I’m an integrative, holistic clinical therapist and social worker. I've a long-standing interest in physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellness; trauma, adult and child attachment and family relatedness. I work in my local community as a clinical therapist with complex family issues, mental health and disability. I’m currently completing my PhD at the University of Queensland with family estrangement and adult attachment as my research interest. For the past ten years I’ve maintained a private practice online, which gives me the immense privilege to work with amazing clients from all over the world. I've been authoring the e-stranged blog since 2010 and still writing!

About the Way I Work…

“ Fiona!! You’ve helped me greatly in handling the estrangement from my sister. You gave me a lot of different ways of thinking about it. I love your Facebook page and website! Thanks again.” – Virginia

My practice is grounded in psychosynthesis, the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, which explains how issues in one aspect of a person or their life can lead to concerns in other areas. I believe a holistic, whole of person approach is an effective, nurturing and life changing therapeutic approach; one that has worked well for hundreds of people I have supported and worked with. I provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to support my clients on their journey towards well-being, health and healing leading to high quality relationships with self and others.

Where I Work …

Although I live in Australia, over 70% of my clients are international and I do the majority of my work online. As time goes on I am increasingly attracted to the simplicity, mobility and freedom of an online practice and I love being able to work with and touch the lives of clients all over the world!

Welcome, welcome - I'm so happy that you're here!